Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Comprehensive Medication Review?

A Comprehensive Medication Review is the foundation of our services. It is a detailed profile of the patient’s physical health characteristics, their family history, diet, social habits, behavioral habits, their use of: over-the-counter medications, vitamins, herbs and prescriptions, accompanying medical conditions, and lifestyle. Once we have gathered this information, we analyze it to create a customized plan to help you improve aspects of your health that are deficient, and ways to improve the efficacy of all medications that you are on. The goal of this process is to prevent future problems that will cost more to treat later on.

How long does it take to do a Comprehensive Medication Review?

These reviews average about 2 to 3 hours. Any less is really cheating the patient and the process.

Do you fill prescriptions?

No. We provide essential information about your medications and health conditions that prevent you from wasting money, keep you safe and out of the hospital.

Why can’t I get these services from my local (current) pharmacist?

Most pharmacists do not have the training, time, or technology to provide these specialized services. Patients should be skeptical of pharmacies claiming to provide this service in less than 2 hours.

My physician knows my medication history and monitors my health. Why should I use your services?

Your physician is an expert on diagnosing and managing your overall medical condition; however, due to time, reimbursement and financial constraints, physicians are pressured to see more patients daily than ever before. This pressure reduces the time spent with patients discussing treatment options and educating them on their conditions. In addition, more and more physicians are relying on drug manufacturers’ representatives to provide medication information to them. These sources of information are biased to what the company is selling and the information is skewed to the positive and does not provide a complete picture. As clinical pharmacists, we are adeptly trained on all aspects of medications. By having us work with your physician, you, the patient, get the best of both specialties to keep you healthier longer.

Are you qualified to make medication changes?

We do not make medication changes. After our comprehensive review, we make clinical recommendations to your physician on what we think will either: a) Improve medication compliance, b) Reduce the amount of medication you take c) Decrease side effects, d) Improve lifestyle, e) Minimize your cost, f) Prevent drug-related disease complications that require hospitalization. The ultimate decision to change anything remains with your physician.

How can you save me money?

Many people use multiple physicians and pharmacies aimed at reducing costs of healthcare and medications. This activity leads to fragmented healthcare with medical and medication files in different locations which are a major cause of financial loss. The clinical communication network between physicians and between pharmacies is virtually non-existent and leads to many medication errors, hospitalizations and even death. As a client of our clinical pharmacy service, you can still go to the most cost-effective pharmacy for your medications – knowing that the medication prescribed was pre-screened against your profile for reducing or eliminating any potential harm to you. Also, if you were prescribed a medication that is too expensive, we can suggest efficacious alternatives that would not drain your finances. Another way we can save you money applies to Medicare part D members – where we analyze your plan to check that it is the right plan for you.

Are your services for everyone?

Not everyone will need our services. We will work with all patients who perceive that they have a need for our services; however, if we think that you do not need our type of services, we will not waste your time or money.

Are your services covered by my insurance plan?

Most plans do not cover this clinical pharmacy service yet. However, since it is a pharmacy service, it qualifies as a medical expense. Consult your tax preparer for details.

How can I find out more?

We can send you a brochure on our services via request.

How do I contact you?

On our location page, we list various ways to get in touch with us. Once we have spoken, we will set an initial assessment appointment to meet with you.

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