The Dilemma

Biased information provided to physicians from the drug manufacturers is scripted to sell their products. Focusing more on treatment than prevention causes average losses of $2,200 per year per patient. Medications, once started, need monitoring to prevent damage on normal body functions, but this rarely happens.

prescribed medication monitoring

Clinical Medication Management Services can…

  • Fix problems in your medication file
  • Provide cost-effective medication alternatives that minimize financial waste
  • Promote teamwork by communicating with your physician to ease your worry on the proper selection and use of medication
  • Prevent problems, suggest life-style changes, educate patients and recommend appropriate immunizations
  • Screen for high cholesterol, blood pressure and diabetes issues and propose preventative strategies that focus on maintaining your safety, health, lifestyle and finances
  • Reconcile your medications by having one credible, clinical source for your medication analysis.

The Solution

Stop trying the balancing act with your healthcare dollars. We help you reconcile your medications which prevents financial losses, minimize your risk of adverse effects which maintains your active, healthy lifestyle and ensure timely monitoring to keep you healthy and out of the hospital.